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Business Rules: 7 Things to Avoid Posting on Facebook NOW

It’s great that you have a wide variety of personal interests, but if you want to build your business network, increase your visibility and reputation, and enhance your income by leveraging your personal Facebook following, you need to avoid posting these 7 things on Facebook.

I didn’t have a Facebook account until 2010. I’m an introvert and I like my privacy. Even so, I now have 5,000 Facebook friends and I value them all (Click Here to read my article about that). They are a tremendous source of inspiration, business connections, and even personal relationships (imagine that!).

If you expect to grow your network using your personal Facebook page, you really need to avoid posting the following information. I’m not saying that you have to stifle your unique and special personality, you just need to tone it down if you expect to attract and maintain good connections for business purposes. Here we go!

#1: Anything Political

This is an obvious one and countless business articles say the same thing if you’re looking for a job. Politics are very touchy and people will right you off if you post something they don’t agree with. More than ever with our “unique” political situation, this rule applies. Talk to people in person about this stuff! Then you’ll only have one person hate your guts instead of everyone on the right or left.

#2: Misspelled Words & Grammar Errors

It’s really important that you spell things correctly. I know that the English language can be tricky, but you look really dumb when you use “your” instead of “you’re.” There’s no law against being dumb, of course, but consistent misspellings and grammar errors can turn off potential partners, employers, and customers. Try using Reverso a few times and you’ll figure it all out.

#3: Other People’s Memes

Memes are great (they’re one of my guilty pleasures when I want to turn off my brain), however, you should reserve them to 1 in 20 of your posts. If you created the memes, share away! They will add to your credibility (as long as they don’t break the other rules in this list). If not, then limit them as much as possible. They’re distracting and take away from showing who you really are.

#4: Other People’s Content

Same thing goes for other people’s content in general, UNLESS YOU ADD TO IT IN SOME WAY. If you want to share someone’s article, great! But make sure you comment on why you’re sharing it. If it’s a workout article, you might add “I really enjoyed this workout the other day… it killed my abs!” This shows that 1) you workout, and 2) you may even have sexy abs!

#5: Overly Personal Information

If your Facebook is limited to people you actually know and communicate with in person, go ahead and share your deep, personal thoughts and experiences. If instead you’re using Facebook as a means to build your business or career DON’T. Even if a lot of people may connect with you, there will be an equally large amount of people who will judge you for it. You’re better off saving that information for speaking to people on the phone or in person. If you really need to, create a closed Facebook Group, invite the people you want to share with and do it there.

#6: Content That Doesn’t Relate to Your Personal Brand

Seeing yourself as a “brand” is the first step to understanding the power of social media for your business and career. I’m not going to go into that here, but I will in the future. Just know that posting random stuff that happens in your life or that you think about is not going to aid in your quest for expansion. I’m not saying that everything needs to relate to your business, but it should somehow support your brand.

For example, I have two boys and an amazing wife. This fact doesn’t seem to lead to “I need to hire this guy to build my online brand” AT FIRST. But think about it… it shows that I love my family and even though I’m busy, I do a lot of stuff with them. I’m either successful enough to hire support OR extremely efficient at my job… in both ways it’s a bonus for me.

#7: Party Pictures

You like to have a good time, great! Some photos with friends pre-buzz is acceptable, but anything more probably isn’t. Also mentioning any kind of “good time” that features any substance use too often is a no-no.

This just about covers it! There’s lots more of course, but this list is essential to get you started. Good luck posting!

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