What is MegaMad?

More Than Just a Design Firm

MegaMad is an Austin-based website design, content strategy, and content development firm. We create the assets you need to expand online, then show you how to do it yourself.

MegaMad is a System.

We are well-aware of the fact that there are THOUSANDS of website design services available to small business owners... and we don't care. We're not looking to sell you a project, we want to be your partner. We don't just build your media assets, we incorporate a system that will make them work for you.
MegaMad Websites was founded in 2016 with one specific objective in mind: to bring professional branding, website design, and graphic design to (very) small business. The founder, Mark de Grasse, realized that many small businesses were focusing too much attention on basic design and online marketing issues, rather than concentrating on their core businesses.

What Makes Us Different

Your Independence is Our Success

We know we've succeeded when you feel comfortable making changes to your new, high-tech, professional website. We don't want you to be completely reliant on us, and we value your ability to make changes yourself. We believe that the best way to improve the interent is to put the experts (you) in a position to share professional content.

We Practice What We Preach

We won't sell any service (e.g. website design, graphic design, podcasting, youtubing, instagramming, etc.) that we aren't actively using ourselves. For example, our CEO Mark de Grasse is also a magazine editor who is constantly testing our website development methods on his own websites.

We're Here for Good

Unlike most website design firms, we have the office, resources, and years of experience to back up our claims. Too many of our clients have be plagued by the mysterious "disappearing web guy" and we won't let that happen to you. Need to talk? Come into our office, grab a cup of coffee, and have a chat. Your website is too important to accept anything less.

Get Started

It all starts with a quick little chat... once we understand what you want to accomplish, we'll tell you what we think you need. From simple website builds to content strategies to brand development from the ground up, we can help.

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