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Austin Website Firm Launches New Pricing to Make Professional Design Affordable

MegaMad Websites, a website design firm based in Austin, Texas, has launched an innovative new service that integrates website design and hosting with ongoing graphic design needs. The new service provides small businesses with professional website design at an affordable price.

MegaMad Websites was founded in 2016 with one specific objective in mind: to bring professional branding, website design, and graphic design to (very) small business. The founder, Mark de Grasse, realized that many small businesses were focusing too much attention on basic design and online marketing issues, rather than concentrating on their core businesses.

“Having a small business is hard enough without the need to become a proficient online marketing and design expert,” stated CEO Mark de Grasse. “I hate to see skilled entrepreneurs wasting hours or days on tasks that would take my team minutes.”

MegaMad Websites is shifting from a project-based pricing structure to an ongoing hosted/subscription model. Project-based pricing will still be available, but the new model was specifically created to cater to the “partnership” that MegaMad Websites found itself creating with small business owners. In addition to ongoing website support and maintenance, the company will also be providing graphic design, content creation, and media development for its clients.

The company has built over 200 websites in a variety of industries and has created a streamlined process of professional website design. Unlike most website design firms that serve small businesses, MegaMad Websites is a professional organization that has served the Austin community for years and maintains an office space in the city for client meetings, operations, and content development.

“Most small businesses have to rely on small contractors (or high school/college students) to build their websites,” said Mark de Grasse. “The problem is that these people will often disappear, get jobs, or otherwise abandon the position, leaving small business owners with no idea of how to grow or even access their websites.”

To solve the problem of the “disappearing website guy,” MegaMad Websites relies on establishing long-term relationships with small businesses and entrepreneurs. This relationship includes ongoing training and support, as well as additional graphic design services.

MegaMad Websites was established on one simple principle: the foundation of every modern business brand is its website. The website provides a cohesive, tangible representation of a brand, including all of the content, graphics, and information necessary to build any/all marketing materials a small business might need.

That’s why MegaMad starts with the website and uses it as an outline to create brochures, banners, business cards, product labels, expo materials, and books. Beyond print/physical materials, the website can also guide the creation of media assets like social media graphics, video animations, presentation slides, email newsletter design, and more.

The new website design pricing starts at $150 per month for basic and $350 per month for professional. Project-based custom websites start at $1,950. All services include brand development/design including logo design and domain name, as well as tutorials concerning how to use/grow the websites.

“We’re hoping to become an affordable, outsourced ‘design department’ for as many small businesses as possible,” said Mark de Grasse. “I think small businesses are ready for a solution that’s cheaper than hiring internally, but more long-term than gig-based outsourcing.”

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the owner of MegaMad Industries. Family man, entrepreneur, and teacher. His goal is to help you find out what's possible. LEARN MORE ABOUT MARK.

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