How to Embrace Your Business Competition

Your business competition, at least in regards to the marketing strategies, is probably not who you think it is. If you have a gym, I don’t care about what the box down the street is doing. If you’re a trainer, I don’t care about how that trainer you hate runs his or her classes. If you’re a fitness product, the fact that your competitor just came out with a brand new color of thingamajig is of little or no consequence.

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Best Ways to Earn Revenue Through Fitness

I believe that there are some of the most flexible ways to make revenue through fitness; you just have to commit to one or two of them as you get going. There are extremely active ways to make money that require time and effort, as well as passive ways that allow you to make money off of past work for years to come.

Either way, you need to commit yourself to only a couple, otherwise you’ll run yourself ragged trying to make a little money in a bunch of them instead of a lot of money in one or two. There are more ways than the ones I’ll list here, but I have direct experience with these ones and I’ll never give you advice on something that I haven’t tried personally before.

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6 Most Popular Fitness Business Types

During my time in the fitness industry I’ve encountered dozens of different business types. Each one had unique challenges and opportunities, and helping them required me to understand who they were and where they wanted to go. The following are the primary types of businesses I found.

Before you move forward, you need to understand what your business is in order to figure out where you need to go. While your business could fit into multiple categories, your revenue breakdown should clearly show what type of business you really are.

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