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The Content Posting Schedule is a comprehensive guide to everything that you will be doing over a set period of time in regard to creating content. This document will direct where you spend your time while succinctly guiding your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.

While getting all of your ducks in a row is part of succeeding when you’re trying to create a presence in the fitness industry, a much more important aspect is just getting out there in the first place. One of the biggest mistakes that I see fitness professionals make is waiting until they think they have everything in line; you need to realize that most businesses NEVER have everything in line all at once. What they have is the willingness to put something out there, see what works, and evolve as necessary. YOU WILL NEVER BE PERFECT. With that said, drop the excuses and get a move on.

The following is a guideline regarding a standard Content Posting Schedule that integrates your Content Marketing efforts. You’ll note that it doesn’t include your Social Media Posting or Email Campaigns, and that is intentional; Social Media Marketing will require much more room (look in the Social Media Marketing section for more information about the Social Media Posting Schedule, and the Email Marketing section for information about your Email Campaign Schedule).

This schedule is specifically related to the Workout Plan Content Map example. This is a fairly aggressive Content Posting Schedule that completes a lot of the 66 page Content Map in only 4 weeks. If you want to really start blowing up your website and turn your organic and Email Marketing traffic on overdrive, this is a good way to do it.

You’ll notice a certain flow when it comes to structuring content related to a comprehensive workout plan. For one, there are a lot of exercises. Therefore, exercises comprise the majority of the daily work. This is good because exercise pages are one of the easiest types to create and will help you to create a large Exercise Database in no time.

You’ll also notice that I wove the other primary categories (Implements, Techniques, and Tips) in on a regular basis. While the article titles may seem somewhat random, they are all related to the workout plan in regard to each category.

Another unique detail is that the Workout Plan Summary doesn’t get posted until Week #4. This is intentional, as you’ll be able to create an extremely useful webpage after you have posted all of the related content. Rather than just putting a simple summary of the workout plan, you can now link to every workout, exercise, technique, implement, and tip related to it. This will do a few things: it will make a keyword-heavy webpage, it will provide an index to everything related to the workout plan that visitors will want to come back to often, and it puts the cap on the project so you can get started on the next one.

Finally, you can see that single “boxes” on the Content Map actually influenced multiple articles. The Kettlebell Implement box was used to create the “What are Kettlebells?” and “Do You Know the 3 Main Types of Kettlebell?” articles.

This is just one variation of what is possible. Always remember that your schedule will be determined by your unique company and situation.

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