Develop Your Online Business Like You Develop Your Workouts

Get a Professional Online Fitness Brand for $1,499

Get everything you need to build a professional online brand, including a brand name, domain, website, blog, logo, email, hosting, and the training you need to make the whole thing work.

Why Use MegaMad to Create Your Fitness Website?

You'll be working directly with Mark de Grasse, the owner of Mad Fit Magazine, former owner of My Mad Methods Magazine, and former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs where he helped found the Onnit Academy. After leaving Onnit, Mark dedicated himself to helping other trainers to create fitness brands in the same way he created his.

Your website domain name is included. Better yet, we’ll help you choose it!

  • Domain Name Included
  • Domain Name Research
  • 10-20 Domain Name Recommendations
Online Fitness Brand
Online Fitness Brand

No logo? No problem! We’ll design a basic logo for you or use your existing one.

  • Basic Logo Design (or Existing Logo Modification)
  • Brand Name Recommendation
  • Slogan Development Included

We’ll set up up to 5 custom email addresses ( to route to your Gmail Account.

  • 5 Custom Email Address Set Ups
  • Unlimited Email Forwarding Set Up
  • Website Email Form Integration
Online Fitness Brand
Online Fitness Brand

We’ll set up your website on a secure server and include a year of hosting.

  • Hosting Account Set Up
  • 12-Months of Secure Hosting
  • Hosting Updates & Maintenance Included

Your website will include all of the essential elements to look professional and active online.

  • Theme Installation & Basic Page/Navigation Set Up
  • Up to 30 HD Stock Photographs
  • Custom Homepage Header Graphic
  • Blog Set Up & Article Topic Recommendation
  • Integrated Social Media Links & Feeds
  • Contact Page, Contact Form, & Interactive Google Map Set Up
  • Custom Banner Design (1)
Online Fitness Brand

Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is a serial entrepreneur that specializes in growing small businesses online. Early in his career he learned that the creative and technical talent necessary to get online is prohibitively expensive for most entrepreneurs. For that reason, he taught himself to build and manage online companies himself.

Mark de Grasse is the former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs, one of the original founders of the Onnit Academy. He is also the founder and editor of My Mad Methods Magazine (now Onnit Academy Magazine), a publication dedicated to unconventional training methods since 2010. With a primary goal of bringing the greatest amount of people to an optimal “functional” standard, Mark has dedicated years of his life to networking with coaches and trainers who are willing to step outside the box when it comes to fitness.