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The MegaMad Fitness Writer Network is a group of fitness professionals dedicated to creating and sharing information about fitness with the world. This is done through cross-promotion and consistent content generation.

The Network involves brainstorming article topics, graphic design concepts, and fitness techniques in general. The content is used to generate exposure, traffic, and brand recognition for each writer’s company/project. Writers are also encouraged to write on each other’s websites to generate useful backlinks and traffic.

Membership in the MegaMad Fitness Writer Network is upon approval only and is free of charge. Approval involves a review of your fitness industry experience and qualifications.

Ask to Join

Do You Belong in The Network? Answer these Questions.

  • Do you have useful information to share?
  • Are you open to people who may not agree with you?
  • Are you looking for new ways to promote your business?
  • Can you consistently create new content?
  • Are you willing to promote people who promote you?
  • Is your business ready for the next stage of growth?
  • Can you be open to sharing other people’s ideas?
  • Can you refrain from criticizing other people’s methods?
  • Will you share with other contributors?

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