Your Guide to Sending Email Campaigns

I’ve tried a variety of different email campaign platforms and I’ve always found that Mad Mimi is easiest to use. When you’re trying to stay consistent with your promotions, ease of use should be a huge consideration. Mad Mimi allows you to quickly upload pics, drag and drop layouts, create opt-in forms, and input your social media links.

Follow These Steps and You Will Be on Your Way To a Successful Email Campaign


Mad Mimi will allow you to set up an account and email up to 100 contacts for free. If you’re just getting started, this is the perfect solution.

If you have more than 100 contacts, you can set up an account for $10 per month, 1,000 contacts for $12, or 10,000 for $42 per month.


After logging in, click on the “Audience” tab, then click on the “Add Contacts” button on the right side.

Paste your contacts into the corresponding field and name your list (I’d just call it “Newsletter” for now).


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Click on the “Dashboard” tab, then click the “Compose!” button on the right side. On the right side you’ll see an “Images” tab; in that box click “Browse” and upload your logo (preferably a rectangular version that includes your logo, company name, and slogan).

Drag and drop the uploaded image into the header posi- tion. Next, upload an image from your most popular piece of content on your website.

Use the “Text & Image” template button to create an article section. Drag your article picture into place, write the title of your article in the description box along with a short description of the piece and a “Read More” hyperlink underneath that.

TIP: Be sure to link both the words “Read More” and the picture.

Step #4: SEND!

That’s it! Click the “Continue” button at the bottom of the screen, select your list and click “Continue,” then input your name, email, and a subject line.

Your subject should be a shortened version of the article within the email; never use the word “Newsletter” with the date as your email subject!

Try to make it interesting. If the article is “5 Ways to Use Strength Training Exercises to Improve Injury Resistance,” you might want to use a subject line like, “5 Ways Strength Training Make You Bulletproof.”


Steps 1 to 4 can be done in 30 minutes, but if you want to enhance your email for next time, I would go back into the account and add all of your social media links (just click “Social” on the top right) and improve your email template to match your branding using the “Themes” tab (next to the “Images” tab) when you compose your template.

I would also try to include at least 3-4 articles or promotions to click.

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