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With the Help of MegaMad Websites, the Miller Method Launches Online Weight Loss System

The Miller Method, a company dedicated to health and wellness, just launched a new website aimed at helping people take their weight loss goals to the next level.

The Miller Method used MegaMad Industries and Mark de Grasse to launch their new online portal. The Austin based online brand development firm designed their website, created their online portal system with custom macro calculators, edited three new ebooks, and is now helping to drive traffic to the website.

“The Miller Method is one of the most practical and effective approaches to weight loss that I’ve seen,” says Mark de Grasse, founder of MegaMad Industries and former executive of Onnit Labs. “Dr. Todd and Stephanie have created something that actually educates you why and how you’re going to achieve your fitness goals.”

Partners Dr. Todd Miller and Stephanie Mull have developed an approach to disseminating nutrition, exercise and behavior research, and integrated it into a meaningful, practical and sustainable weight-loss method.

“The purpose of the Miller Method is to give evidence based approaches to weight management that are not based on fad, emotion, and philosophy,” says owner, Dr. Todd Miller. “Weight-loss is a math problem.”

The MegaMad designed website allows users to view a series of videos that educate them about the process of weight loss, then gives them the information they need to calculate their diet precisely. Users can also purchase a custom program that includes a private consultation, diet plan, and workout program.

Stephanie and Todd are experts at designing eating strategies and training programs that are specifically tailored to a person’s metabolism, and are currently studying the role that strength training plays in weight management.

“We believe in taking a more scientific and individualized approach,” Stephanie states. “The universal approach for fat loss should be calories based on metabolism and nutrient needs based on body composition. That’s what makes it individualized.”

Along with the launch of the website, the company is releasing a free ebook titled, The Big Five Essential Tips to Successful Weight Loss, written by Dr. Todd Miller and Stephanie Mull. To check out the website and download the ebook, visit


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