how much traffic do you need to make 1 million

How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make $1 Million?

Your website traffic goals are specifically related to your income objectives, and creating projections and goals based on historical data is really easy using this simple method.

It is really easy to quantify and project what your website traffic is worth; it won’t always be accurate, but it will at least give you some objectives and goals to aim for.

Online Income Projection Example

Let’s pretend that you have a blog that makes money selling an ebook that retails for $10. Every month you sell 20 units making a total of $200. Your website gets 2,000 pageviews from 800 visitors. Based on those numbers, here are your important metrics:

$ per Visitor (Revenue/Visitors):


$ per Pageview (Revenue/Pageviews):


You now have two different ways of projecting your income based on your objectives. Let’s say that you want to make $1,000 per month. Based on your metrics, here is what you need to do:

Total Visitors Necessary for $1,000 Revenue (Revenue/$ per Visitor):

4,000 Visitors

Total Pageviews Necessary for $1,000 Revenue (Revenue/$ per Pageview):

10,000 Pageviews

Want to make $1 Million?

Let’s take it up a notch! How much traffic will it take to make $1 Million in 12 months?

Total Visitors Necessary for $1,000,000 Revenue ($1,000,000 Revenue/$0.25 per Visitor):

4,000,000 Visitors per Year (333,333 per month)

Total Pageviews Necessary for $1,000,000 Revenue ($1,000,000 Revenue /$0.10 per Pageview):

10,000,000 Pageviews per Year (833,333 per month)

There are many, many ways to make projections, but I’ve found that this is the easiest.

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