How to create a fitness logo in 5 minutes or less.

How to Create a Custom Fitness Logo in 5 Minutes or Less

Designing your fitness logo can be a simple, fun, and money-free process if you know where to go. On top of that, designing your fitness logo yourself could help you save money if you choose to hire someone later on.

Most fitness professionals tend to overthink the process of branding (most business owners for that matter). The truth is, branding doesn’t have to be a huge process, nor does it have to cost you a ton of money (or any money in this case). Here I’ll show you how to quickly design a logo for free.

Your logo is the first thing that people will see, but it’s only the beginning of the branding process. Branding requires your full buy-in; if you don’t like the look of your company, how can you expect other people to like it? For that reason, I believe that designing your fitness logo yourself, or at least drafting it, will give you the motivation you need to present it to the world and be proud.

No Logo Creating Software Needed!

Even if you have no software (like Photoshop or Illustrator), you can still create an awesome article, all you need to do is use PicMonkey is a website that acts a lot like Photoshop, but doesn’t require the same expense. In a lot of ways, it is easier to use than Photoshop, and it will work no matter how bad you think your computer is.

How to Make a Fitness Logo in 5 Minutes

In this video, I’ll give you a step by step process for creating a fitness logo using nothing but You don’t need any graphics at all; just have your company name and slogan and you’re good to go! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Video Tutorial: How to make a custom fitness logo in 5 minutes

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