How to Choose Which Product or Service to Focus on

How to Decide Which One of Your Services/Products to Focus On

You may have a thousands products, dozens of services, and several ancillary income streams, but NONE OF THAT MATTERS. At the end of the day most of your revenue (80% or so) will come from one or two of your services/products.

Boil all of the crap you do down into one or two core offerings (the stuff that makes you money), and that is what you need to focus on. If you’re really stumped, use modified formula that was originally created by “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” author Allan Dib:

Step 1: List your services/products

Step 2: Give a score of 1 to 10 to each of the following questions:

How much do I enjoy selling this service/product?
How much do I enjoy dealing with the people who buy this service/product?
How much profit do I make selling this service/product?

Step 3: Add up the scores for each one. The one with the highest score is your new baby.

The most helpful formulas always seem to be the most obvious for me. Give this a shot and I bet you’ll be able to narrow down your top three products/services fairly easily!

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