Everyone wants to "be the next Nike" but very few people understand what it takes to build a successful fitness brand from scratch.


I created a fitness magazine and online community from scratch, generating millions of pageviews, hundreds of thousands of followers, and subscribers in over 24 countries.

Then I sold it.

I sold my organization to Onnit Labs and became the the Chief Fitness Officer of the company, founded Onnit Academy, developed several fitness products, launched the Onnit Academy Level 1 Certification, and hired a top team of trainers.

Now I teach others.

Since leaving I've worked as a technical advisor for Nike, consulted with executives at BeachBody, and developed more than two dozen online fitness brands.

Now I've created a comprehensive (yet affordable) service to develop your fitness brand.

Creating a significant online brand without millions of dollars in advertising is similar to an effective workout plan...

There is no "secret" to the process. It takes consistency, work, time, and a plan. With this service, you get all of that and learn how to do it yourself.