Start Building Your Online Fitness Brand for $500

The Easiest Way to Get Your Fitness Brand Online & Learn How to Build It

Get a logo, webpage, domain, fitness ebook, and the training you need to start building your fitness brand through social media and email marketing.

You Get Everything You Need to Build an Online Brand

You get a fully functional page/website, domain name, logo, and your own ebook. You also get the training you need to start collecting emails and getting traffic.



Logo & Domain

Get a logo and domain for your brand, or use it for a product or special offer.

Landing Page

Fully functional landing page to collect emails, sell products, and build your brand.

Fitness eBook

Forms will be integrated with your page to help you collect emails and connect with viewers.

Online Fitness Marketing Video Course

After your new brand is established, you'll be able to access a video course that explains what you should be posting, how to launch email campaigns, and how to encourage people to follow. Here is some of what you'll learn:

  • How to Make Fitness Graphics
  • What to Post on Facebook
  • How to Take Fitness Pictures/Vids
  • How to Launch Email Campaigns
  • How to Process Transactions
  • How to Run Polls/Surveys
  • How to Launch Sales & Promotions
  • How to Write Articles