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MegaMad Websites Launches New Website for Stronghorn Fitness

Stronghorn Fitness, a fitness company in Austin, Texas, partnered with Mark de Grasse and MegaMad Websites to launch a new user-friendly website.

The Austin based online brand development firm designed their website, scheduling page, and blog.

“This project was really fun to work on,” says MegaMad owner, Mark de Grasse. “These guys have an awesome message, image, and philosophy for effective training.”

Stronghorn Fitness program is a comprehensive eight week cycle focusing on Strength, Speed and Stamina. By utilizing intervals and circuit training we can maximize results and minimize time. Programming is specifically developed to encompass all levels of fitness to ensure every single person can get the most out of each Sweat Session regardless of experience!

“Stronghorn is more than just your daily workout. It’s marathon training with the Strides. It’s a Friday night Happy Hour with friends. It’s a restorative Yoga session to recover mind and body,” says owner, Jess Martin. “Stronghorn Fitness is a community of fitness focused individuals looking to improve their overall wellness- and have fun doing it!”

Stronghorn is Austin’s only kettlebell based fitness system using comprehensive programming, functional movements and community support that promotes daily progress in strength, mobility and endurance.

Right now they are offering a free week of workouts to those new to the program. You can learn more by visiting their new website at

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