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MegaMad Websites Launches New Website for Synap2It! Learning Development Center

Synap2it!, a learning development center out of Austin, Texas, just launched their new website designed by MegaMad Websites. The website highlights the services of the company and explains the difference between what they do versus standard tutoring centers.

Synap2It! is different than the traditional approach in addressing learning difficulties. Instead of focussing on re-teaching the subject matter more intensely, Synap2It! helps get to the root cause of the difficulty.

“Education has always been concerned with intelligence, but has never had a theory of intelligence to guide its approach,” says founder Renee Anderson, a veteran educator whose career spans over 25 years. “That is why the Structure of Intellect and its application to education is important to the improvement of the educational process.”

Synap2it! Learning Development Centers partnered with MegaMad Websites out of Austin, Texas to launch the new website. The website features responsive design, integrated email and content marketing, and variety of calls to action that encourage visitors to take the next step to get in touch with the company.

“Renee Anderson and her team at Synap2It! have an extremely innovative approach to solving learning issues,” stated Mark de Grasse, founder of MegaMad Industries. “We tried to make their website match the innovation of their learning methodology.

MegaMad worked with the people at Synap2It to translate their sophisticated learning systems into bite-sized chunks for visitors to consume. The website seeks to show parents of students with learning issues exactly how student learning can improve.

In this regard, MegaMad edited and created a custom layout for the company’s new ebook, “6 Components of Reading Success.” The ebook is free for download at the new Synap2It! website.

Synap2It!’s team are experts in diagnosing and determining appropriate techniques for overcoming differences in learning. The center has tested and analyzed hundreds of individuals with an emphasis in diagnostic brain-compatible teaching practices and remediation.

Along with the launch of the new website, they are offering a free ebook download titled the 6 Essential Components of Reading Readiness. You can visit the website and download the ebook at


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