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MegaMad Websites Launches The Austin Caveman Website

The Austin Caveman, a company dedicated to helping people return to a primal fitness and nutritional lifestyle, partnered with MegaMad and Mark de Grasse to launch their new website.

The Austin based online brand development firm designed the fitness and nutrition company’s website including the branding, blog set up, and online store. MegaMad is now helping to drive traffic to the website.

“Aaron has a very solid fitness and nutrition philosophy that has generated results for himself and his clients,” stated Mark de Grasse, owner of MegaMad Websites. “As the former Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit, I’ve worked with a lot of trainers and I believe he has something special. We were very happy to be able to help him build his new brand.”

In the past four years, Aaron Knight or the Austin Caveman, has focused his culinary and nutritional fitness efforts into cleaning up the standard modern diet and teaching as many people as possible to heal their bodies through their daily intake.

“By pairing my passion for creating accessible primal nutrition with classic functional fitness, I have embraced ‘using the world as my gym,’” says owner, Aaron Knight. “Training clients in both functional fitness and nutritional fitness is my passion.”

His approach to fitness is centered on functional movements that are, and have been, applicable to daily human mechanics throughout history. Although the environments modern humans have today are far easier to navigate and increasingly require little to no movement, the human body still needs to move in ways we have evolved doing for millennia.

Aaron is located in Austin, Texas and he coaches clients personally or remotely to suit the needs of each client. To learn more about the Austin Caveman, visit

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