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MegaMad Websites Launches Website for Aktion Coffee

Aktion coffee, which creates artisan roasted coffee in Austin, Texas, partnered with MegaMad and Mark de Grasse to launch their new website.

The Austin based online brand development firm designed the company’s website and e-store. MegaMad is now helping to drive traffic to the website.

“Owner Joe Bryant is my friend and former coworker, and I was really excited to be working with him on this project,” says MegaMad owner, Mark de Grasse. “Joe has a killer product and some awesome branding.”

Aktion coffee gets their beans from a family farm on a mountain in Guatemala. This single family has been farming coffee for over 100 years. Their coffee is different because they hand-pick the coffee cherries only when they’re ripe, wash them in fresh spring water, and sun dry the beans on huge white patios.

“When we found this farm we knew we had the best coffee in the world,” says owner Joe Bryant. “Our motive is to provide you with the best coffee, and we truly believe that is what we are doing.”

To try Aktion’s real antigua Guatemala coffee, visit DrinkAktion.com.

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