Hays County Athletic Club

MegaMad Websites Launches Website for Hays County Athletic Club

Hays County Athletic Club, a fitness facility located in San Marcos, partnered with MegaMad and Mark de Grasse to launch their new website.

The Austin based online brand development firm designed the fitness company’s website including the online portal, schedule, and blog set up.

“They have a unique offering and killer facility,” say MegaMad owner, Mark de Grasse. “It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Mark de Grasse is the former editor and owner of My Mad Methods Magazine and the original Chief Fitness Officer of Onnit Labs. He helped create the Onnit Academy and Onnit Academy Level One Certification and currently partners with innovative fitness companies to bring their products to market. He is also the current owner and editor of Mad Fit Magazine.

“The training method we use is designed around functional training,” says owner, Marcus Lopez. “We don’t have machines; we teach individuals how to use their body the way it was designed to.”

Hays County Athletic Club has a 6,000 square feet containing the equipment and spaces you need to get in the best shape of your life. They use free weights, barbells, and dumbbells. They also carry Assault bikes, concept 2 rowers, GHD’s, plyometric-boxes, battle ropes and climbing ropes, two massive rigs where you can squat, bench, and press; the rig is also designed to perform gymnastics movements such as pull ups, and muscle ups.

The Athletic Club offers a variety of programs for all fitness levels. You can learn more by visiting HaysCountyAthleticClub.com.

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