How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name

How to Pick the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Picking the perfect domain name is a very important decision if you want to be successful online. Use these 6 vital questions to find yours ideal domain.

A lot of people haphazardly create their domain name after everything (such as the logo, slogan, company name, etc.) has been decided. This is the wrong way to go about things if you want to do your primary marketing online. I believe that you need to consider your domain name before you do almost anything else!

Your Domain name is extremely important

The reason is simple: the only thing you’ll be saying more than your company name is your website address. Your website is the first place people will go to learn about you, so the name of it matters.

Domain Name Selection Checklist

6 Questions to Ask yourself before picking a domain name

Here are a few different things to consider when it comes to selecting a domain name:


If you had the opportunity to use the biggest banner space in your city, but the only thing you could put on it was your website address, how much business would you get from the advertising?

If the answer is anything but, “ALL THE BUSINESS!” then you have a problem. People should know who you are and what you do from your address alone.


Most people think that your keywords are the last thing you add to the articles and content you put online (or worse yet, they don’t think about the keywords at all!). This is incorrect.

You need to think of how many times people are looking up your potential keyword before anything else. This is especially true of your domain name; your domain name will make a difference in regard to how every single page on your website is ranked.

You want traffic coming? Get a good domain name.


A good website address will say a lot about the business. The best website addresses will say who you are, what you do, and even where you are located.

This may sound impossible, but mess around with them and you’d probably be surprised.


You may only have one chance to capture someone’s attention, and that could be in person or online. Your website address needs to be something that people will remember, even at a glance.

If your address is too long or requires someone to add an unnecessary word (like “” instead of “”), you may lose that new reader/customer.


Cute, incorrect spellings of website names literally make me angry. Yes, it’s very neat that you used a “K” where a “C” belongs or how you combined two words into one (like “” instead of “”) but you’ll automatically lose traffic to the smarter person who used the correct spelling, I promise.

Question #6: IS IT AVAILABLE?

While you can hit all of the other elements of a good website address, it might not matter if that address is already being used by someone else!

Before you get too excited about a new domain name idea, look for it on a service like to see if you can even buy it.

Step by Step Domain Selection Process

Your business needs the right domain name to make money online.

Still unsure about selecting the right domain name for your business? Not to worry! Follow this simple step by step domain name selection process to pick your perfect domain.

Step 1: Review Your Primary Keyword Options

In the “How to Select Your Primary Keyword” Cheatcode, you learned about how to find potential keywords that relate to your new or existing fitness company. You can use this keyword to create your domain, maximizing your website’s potential for ranking on search engines for that word or phrase.

It may be a long shot, but you should check to see if that exact keyword phrase is available through If your keyword phrase is looked up more than 10,000 times a month and it’s available as a .com (nothing but a .com matters by the way; don’t even think about a .net, .fit, etc.), buy it immediately.

Step 2a: Try Adding Your Location

One way to become the instant “expert” in your area is to simply add your location, either broadly or specifically, to your primary keyword. For example, if your Primary Keyword is “kettlebell training,” see if your country, state, or city is available (in that order). If it is, get it.

Imagine you lived in Oregon and were looking online for an expert in kettlebell training and you found two websites: and Which one do you think you would click on if you want a local trainer?

Step 2B: try adding a descriptive word

Another way to incorporate your Primary Keyword into your domain is to simply add a descriptive word to it. The easiest way to do this is to include some variation of the words “expert” or “professional.”

Again, if you use the Primary Keyword “kettlebell training,” you could go with something like,,,, or


If you really want to dominate a space, you could get extremely specific with your domain name then focus all of your content on that one area. In fitness, the easiest way to do this is by adding a body part to your Primary Keyword.

Again, for “kettlebell training,” examples would be:,,, or

Want Us to Find Your Domain Name?

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