Creating new content takes a lot of time and effort, so you can’t let it go to waste by simply posting it on your website!

The best way to get the maximum amount of traffic for any given piece of information is to release it on multiple channels over a set time period. The chart illustrates the most effective way to release your content online. Your goal is to maximize your traffic to the new page over the first week of its release. After that you’ll have to rely on organic traffic, internal linking, and your Day 90 promotions to get visits.


If you have an associated video, post it to YouTube prior to posting it on your new page. Embed the video on your page and make sure you optimize your video on YouTube.

DAY 1 TO 7

You’ll need to post your new page, promote it with an email campaign, and post your Facebook photo or video, Twitter post, Instagram pic/video, and Pinterest pic within the first week. Your email campaign should coincide with your regular schedule (if you send an email every Wednesday, include it in that).

DAY 90

It’s not dead yet! You’ve gotten new followers and they might like the old article. Promote it again on Twitter and create a new Facebook post (preferentially with a different image or video from the one you used last time).

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