Should/Could You Build Your Own Website?

There is a massive, glaring lie being advertised to millions of people right now concerning website design. Learn what it is, why it’s being perpetuated, and five reasons why it’s wrong.

If you’re a small business owner, blogger, or anyone doing business online (which is most businesses at this point), you’ve been fed a big fat lie for the last few years. Here it is:

Website design is easy and anyone can do it.

As a website designer, do I wish this was true? YES. I wish that website design was easy, growing your business was cheap, and everyone could start and sell their visions using their websites without help.

Since I make websites for a living, you might be wondering why I would want this to be tue…

The reason for me is simple: I believe that the only way to grow your online brand is to do it yourself.

Firstly, paying someone else to do it is prohibitively expensive in most cases. Secondly, even if you can afford to pay someone to do it for you, they won’t care about your business and mission the way you do, and even if the business succeeds, it won’t end up being your vision.

The biggest problem with online information is that the content you find isn’t being created by the most informed and capable individuals… you’re finding the information that is the best optimized for online distribution.

You can prove this point easily. Go to google and look up the most commonly asked question in your business. Is the first page populated with the best answers? Are the answers the ones that you would give to your potential customers and clients? Or is the information some generic BS that includes lots of pictures and words and very little good content?

There you have it. An optimized list of pages for online consumption with no good information.

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Mark de Grasse

Mark de Grasse is the owner of MegaMad Industries. Family man, entrepreneur, and teacher. His goal is to help you find out what's possible. LEARN MORE ABOUT MARK.

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