Your slogan is a very important part of your brand. It affords you the opportunity to explain exactly who you are and what you can do for people in a way that your company name and logo can’t. It also gives you a good way to incorporate your Primary Keywords and optimize your website even more.

Think of your slogan this way: it is the message that you want your customers to remember if they remember nothing else. It is your “elevator pitch” in 99% less time (I would call it your “drive-by pitch”). If you had one sentence in which to describe your brand and make an impact on a potential customer, what would you say?

The following are slogans I generated for some of my clients. Again, think about your keyword phrase and try to make something interesting.

  • Athletic Strength Training for Long Term Results
  • Unconventional Strength Training for Athletes
  • Using Kettlebells & Beyond for Performance Strength Training
  • Strong is Good, Strong and Bulletproof is Better
  • An Athlete is Only as Strong as His Worst Injury
  • Preventing Injuries Builds Stronger Athletes
  • Strength. Performance. Longevity.
  • High Intensity Group Based Fitness
  • High Intensity Exercise, Community Gained Results
  • High Intensity Functional Training for All Fitness Levels
  • Savage Exercise Systems, Savage Fitness Results
  • Get Fit, Get Outside
  • Come Discover the Nature of Fitness with Me
  • Journey Through the Nature of Fitness
  • Simply Living is Not Enough
  • Finding Fitness in the Depths of Nature
  • We Train to Play
  • Fitness is a Journey
  • Fitness is both a mindset and a mission.
  • Fitness Training to Move You Forward
  • A Systematic Approach to Body Transformation
  • We’ve All Been There, Now It’s Time for a Transformation
  • We Help People Change Their Bodies & Minds

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