Stranger Things 3 Trailer Review

Stranger Things 3 Official Trailer Review

The third season of Stranger Things is finally here! Check out the first official trailer and a short review by an 80s kid.

It’s here! Looks like Netflix turned up the 80’s volume to MAX and added in some Umbrella Corporation-inspired monsters.

You have mall-rat culture, neon clothing, carnivals, and, of course, iconic 80’s rock music. Now, I was literally an 80’s “kid” (I was born in 1983), so I was literally a child throughout the 1980s… however, the 90’s wasn’t that different, so I can relate with the show.

Here are a few ways I personally relate to this new preview:

  • I had several neon shirts that are almost identical to several characters (specifically Eleven for some reason).
  • I was a lifeguard at a pool when I was in high school.
  • I also worked as an outdoor vendor in high school selling balloons, ice-cream, and glowy-stuff.
  • Heading out to a local park to ride bikes and explore the local hills was a summer past time.
  • My grade school’s annual carnival was the biggest event of the year.

Boom! Add in some supernatural monsters and make the cast a little more diverse and you have my childhood! Nostalgia is great 🙂

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