Best Project Management Tool for Remote Use

The Best Tool for Remote Project & Employee Management

If you’re a small business looking at a quick transition to remotely managing your projects, employees, and contractors, I have a tool for you. I’ve used this for years and it has revolutionized my project management and operations.

With the recent occurrence of the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States, many small businesses are looking at shifting operations online much sooner than they expected to.

Most entrepreneurs acknowledge the benefits of remote working for the purpose of decreasing operational costs, the health of the environment (by reducing unnecessary travel), the mental health and well-being of employees, and access to outsourced contractors, but few have taken major steps to make “virtual work environments” a reality.

Our current situation changes the concept of “remote management” from a desire to a requirement. Now, many small businesses may cease to exist if they can’t transition quickly.

My company, MegaMad Websites, has built hundreds of websites for companies all over the world, so the ability to manage projects remotely has always been essential. Each website involves hundreds of moving pieces in the form of tasks, feedback, graphics, reviews, content creation, photography, videography, remote training, and more.

While we’ve developed a portal system for our clients (which you can view at, we needed something more dynamic and scalable. That’s when we found

The Best Tool for Remote Management is

I have tested dozens of project management systems over the last fifteen years. As an HR major (I graduated summa cum laude from the California State Polytechnic University in 2005), I was trained to create management systems that evaluated performance and apply them to small business operational planning.

In that regard, I wrote dozens of business and operational plans for start ups. These were then transitioned into tangible action plans that were used to evaluate the performance of businesses, departments, managers, and individual employees.

As you can imagine, all of this information is dynamic, changing constantly as time goes on. In an effort to control and monitor the data, I used systems that I personally developed and customized for each business.

The problem with “custom” solutions is that they aren’t flexible across industries, and in most cases, even across individual businesses within the same industry. You need something that can be customized on the fly. has managed to create a dynamic platform that gives you all the customizability to handle almost any project or management system you need to implement. It’s online, expandable, and the interface is intuitive enough for almost anyone to learn.

5 Reasons You Should Start Using Today

Here are my top five reasons for using as soon as possible if you need to remotely manage projects, employees, and contractors.

#1: You can finally create the processes you’ve always wanted to and implement them immediately.

When you can refine a business process and implement it effectively, everything gets easier. I think small business owners harbor unnecessary stress because they constantly create different solutions to the same problem, rather than defining a process that will solve the problem every time.

Monday allows you to quickly create and edit a process in minutes, then assign tasks to your employees/contractors who can immediately take action with clear instructions.

#2: No more checking emails, texts, fb messages, etc. for updates.

Before implementing Monday, I would have clients contact me in a variety of ways to communicate tasks, feedback, and updates. I wasted time trying to figure out each client’s preferred contact information, then keep track of input received from different platforms.

Once I create a Board on Monday, both the client and my team know where the information is going to end up. Even if they send some feedback on a different platform, we still add it properly to Monday to track everything.

#3: You can easily assign tasks and track results.

If you’ve ever worked in a group, you know how much finger-pointing occurs when a ball gets dropped. Sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault that a task goes undone due to the fact that no one knew who was supposed to do it.

Monday allows you to add users and assign individual tasks, tag participants in a project, and create entire boards to assign responsibilities. The system then sends updates to everyone when a change occurs, so everyone stays in the loop and knows what needs to be done.

#4: Your business will look (and actually be) more professional, attractive, and capable online.

People love knowing what’s going on, especially your clients and customers. If you can show them that you have a complete system for every stage of a project (something you can do automatically using templates on Monday), you’ll be establishing your expertise before you even start working.

Our onboarding process of new website design clients involves an invite to a specific Board on Monday. We customize the Board to the specific project, but the template makes the process very quick.

#5: You can operate your business from anywhere and be more informed than ever.

When it comes to working and managing remotely, nothing is more challenging than communication and tracking. Monday allows you to easily manage both of these aspects quickly and intuitively.

Whether you’re stuck at home, trying to modernize your business, or sick of having to be physically present to manage your business, Monday can move you forward.

We Can Help!

MegaMad Websites is a partner and we’ve implemented thousands of boards, tasks, and projects on the platform. Whether you need help getting set up, or would like to experience Monday by hiring us for your website design, brand design, or content development needs, let us know! Click Here to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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