The MegaMad Website & Marketing System (MS4)

Bringing a Method to the Madness of Online Marketing.

We Set Up the System, You Run It

Our goal is to give you a complete online marketing system that you run yourself. We’ll build it, train you to use it, then support you when you need it. This is MS4.
MegaMad Website and Marketing System MS4

The MS4 System

If you’re a business owner, blogger, or entreprenuer, you’ve seen thousands (if not millions) of pieces of information about online marketing. It’s overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating… but more than anything, it’s unnecessary.

Most of the information is created to convince you to buy into a specific product or service and has little to do with reality or effectiveness.

That’s why we created a broad approach that allows business owners to develop their own custom solution (the only solution that will work) for their businesses. It involves four key aspects:


Branding includes your company name, domain name, logo, and website.

Content Marketing

The information/ graphics/ vids/ podcasts/ blogs /etc contained on your website.

Social Media Marketing

The posts used to promote your website content and drive new eyes to your brand.

Email Marketing

Your email list is your “privatized” following that will organically build your business over time.

Schedule a Consult

It all starts with a quick little chat… once we understand what you want to accomplish, we’ll tell you what we think you need. From simple website builds to content strategies to brand development from the ground up, we can help.

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