Top Fitness Business Websites

The Top 5 Fitness Business Websites

There are a lot of fitness businesses out there. From personal trainers to gyms to supplement companies to equipment manufacturers to apparel; people like to spend money on fitness and there are plenty of companies willing to provide.

Here are the top 5 websites I’ve produced with some of the most innovative companies and professionals around.

The Miller Method

Miller Method is a portal website founded by Dr. Todd Miller and Stephanie Mull. Dr. Todd produced a unique video series on YouTube several years ago that gained tens of thousands of hits, but he hadn’t yet monetized the exposure he was gaining. By producing a content marketing platform combined with a standard membership portal, the company almost instantly started converting traffic into customers.

To take it a step further, they also offered a custom membership that produced individualized workout and diet plans for their customers.

The website is slick, functional, and professional, representing a service that has been developed over many years and is executed by experienced professionals. It also allows the company to easily promote service upgrades to the custom option while still providing an excellent value to standard memberships.

Athletic Instinct

Athletic Instinct

Athletic Instinct is an unconventional training facility out of Rochester, New Hampshire. The three trainers there, Ben Higgins, Ashley Higgins, and Evan Cook, have created a brand that really represents their enthusiasm for unconventional training methods and their fitness community.

The website is light and fun while still showing the grittier elements that go into their training and coaching. The photography highlights the fact that their methodology is serious, but the act of getting into shape can still be fun.

The Austin Caveman

The Austin Caveman

The Austin Caveman is an paleo-based nutrition and unconventional training company created by Aaron Knight in Austin, Texas. The platform allows for meal-prep purchases, nutrition planning, and in-person and online training. Aaron has produced a succinct philosophy that he delivers to new clients through a two month program called the 60-Day Caveman Evolution.

The website is simple and elegant and clearly defines what The Austin Caveman does while giving visitors obvious ways to get involved with the brand.

It is also capable of content marketing through a simple blogging system. The store function for meal-prep has been restricted to the local area the company serves, but is capable of expanding to all areas of the globe when he’s ready.



ReHumaning is a unique brand out of the UK. Run by husband and wife team Alex and Paige Dent, ReHumaning encourages longevity and health through natural and holistic methods of nutrition and training. Paige is an experienced Pilates instructor while Alex has been involved in osteopathy and unconventional training for over 20 years.

The ReHumaning website is functional, attractive, and approachable.

While the concepts may be unordinary to people who are used to a more “in your face” fitness message, ReHumaning has a more elegant approach that appeals to both men and women. Combined with a portal system, store, content marketing platform, and email acquisition tools like ebooks, has all the things that an attractive and functional website needs.

Harder to Kill Training

Harder to Kill Training

Harder to Kill Training is Levi Markwardt’s online-based membership system. Levi is a hardcore unconventional trainer and that theme is echoed in his website design and content.

The Harder to Kill Training website is a complete marketing system for a personal training looking to get online. It allows Levi to collect emails to build his newsletter list, monetize online training through an easy-to-use portal, and build up a content base of online videos.

Other Awesome Fitness Websites

We’ve built dozens of fitness websites over the last three years. Prior to that the owner of MegaMad Websites, Mark de Grasse, built and sold his original website called My Mad Methods to Onnit Labs.

Ready to Build Yours?

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