Unconventional Marketing for Fitness Book

Unconventional Marketing for Fitness Professionals Book

Your branding and campaign strategy should control everything you do.


Solidify & Clarify a Professional Branding Image

Your content marketing provides the backbone of your marketing.

Content Marketing

Create Limitless Amounts of Content to Drive Traffic

Social media optimization and email is the muscle of your marketing.

Email & Social Media

A Strategy that Syncs All of Your Online Efforts

Unconventional Marketing for Fitness Professionals

This published marketing book is a comprehensive guide to online marketing in the fitness industry using low or no-cost methods. The book outlines a succinct guide that will help you coordinate your Branding, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Social Media Marketing into one strategy.

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Step-by-Step Cheatcodes

Learn how to do vital Content Marketing tasks step-by-step using free or low cost methods. Generate interesting article titles, find high traffic keywords, research competitor websites, take better fitness pictures and videos, and much more.

Graphic Design for Everyone

Learn how to generate fitness graphics like exercise tips, branding banners, motivational graphics, and more whether you have existing design skills or not.

No More Guessing About Vendors

Find suggestions regarding every type of online service you need to succeed online, from website hosting platforms to email campaign services to stock photography, video, and music.

Learn How to Plan Your Next 12-Months

Create a complete marketing plan for the next 12-months, including when and what to post on your website, when and how to send email campaigns, and ideal posting strategies on social media.

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