What to put in your introduction video

What to Put in Your Brand Introduction Video

People want to know more about you and your business! One of the easiest ways to satisfy their interest is with a quick brand introduction video.

Here is a basic outline for a two-minute introduction video, followed by a few examples of ones we have created in the past.

I say “2-minutes” for a reason! This isn’t a documentary, it’s an introduction to hopefully turn your viewer into a fan/customer. Let’s get started!

Brand Introduction Video Parts

PART 1: Introduction

Say your name and company! Sounds obvious but you can never say your name and brand enough, and starting and ending with that simple fact is very helpful.

PART 2: The Most Interesting Information

You have less than 10 seconds to entertain your viewer before they leave you FOREVER. Well, maybe not forever but that could be the case. You need to put your most entertaining/interesting information in the start of the video. Think of the most intriguing part of your brand, service, or product, and lead with that one piece of information.

Here are some fictional (and exaggerated) examples:

  • Realtor: I once sold a 100 acre property to [Enter Celebrity Name], and they were so happy that they took me to the Oscars.
  • Contractor: One time a project was hit by a tornado WHILE we were building… we were all okay and we finished the project THAT DAY anyways.
  • Consultant: Davie Smalltown was about to close his business before we had a brief, life-changing discussion… now he’s worth 1-billion dollars.
  • Boutique: We’ve been

PART 3: Rapid Fire Awesomeness

It may seem difficult, but you need to hit your visitors with bullet points rather than explanations. The temptation is to give a point and follow up with a description; you can do that in future videos. For this video, just list the information.

It’s a little rediculous, but take some notes while watching this “How I Met Your Mother” clip:


You never want to leave your viewer thinking: “That was nice, I guess I’ll do whatever I feel like next!” You want to give them a specific “next step” to get involved. Your video needs to have an end result. Be sure to offer something like this:

“If you’d like to take the next step, we need to set up a 10-Point Assessment meeting. Let’s get started.”

Don’t leave people guessing about what to do next!

Introduction Video Examples

All of these videos were created using minimal equipment and editing. There are some graphic elements (namely Logo Stings and Lower Thirds) that I’m not going to cover in this article, but look for details about those elements in the next.

We created these for a few of our clients. I didn’t follow all of my own rules, but you get the idea:

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