Why your company needs an ebook

5 Reasons Every Business Needs an eBook on Their Website

Ever wonder why everyone seems to offer a “free ebook download” on their websites? The reason is pretty simple! Here are five reasons why ebooks exist and why your business probably needs one.

1. Build an Opt-In Email List

Business are trying to build an opt in email list so they can follow up with you and sell other services. Another reason is to build up a database in order to advertise content. This is the main reason why ebooks exist– they want your email so they can remarket you something else.

2. Establish Your Expertise

You might be thinking that anyone could make an ebook, and that is totally true. The fact of that matter is that most people don’t. The people that take the time and the effort to create an ebook are one step ahead of their competitors.

As illegitimate as it may seem to some people, it still legitimizes your business. It takes more time than just an article or video, and if it looks good, potential customers will see it as a legitimate piece of content.

Not only does it make your brand look more professional, but it conveys that you are an expert in the topic no matter what you say.

3. Links Back to Your Brand/Product

Within the ebook pdf, you’ll usually find links back to other products or information online. This is meant to get you back onto their website or they’re trying to get you to buy something. The ebook is really just a database of links. It’s a directory that’s meant to guide you back to their brand. If you know anything about Facebook ads, it’s really just retargeting.

4. Focus Your Marketing Efforts

Content creation can be a hard process. With an ebook, your content creating efforts are more focused. Instead of going through the hassle of creating 50 separate items of content, you can focus your time and energy on finishing an ebook that covers a single topic. An ebook can be as little as 500 words. I have even done a 300 words for a 20 page ebook.

An ebook is not just a blog post. It’s something more tangible. If you’re taking the time to create an ebook with your name on it, you’ll create it in a more professional manner.

Most ebooks are pdfs, but they are printable. Most people don’t because of the expense, but you can. It just shows that there are a few different values to just putting the project together. There’s an end date, an end product, and a tangible item when you’re finished. It’s not just another page on your website.

5. Create an Asset for Your Business

I’m always talking about building your website and your brand up to something that can be sold in the future. Whether you intend to sell it or not, it doesn’t really matter. The effort you put into something where you think “Someday, someone’s going to offer me $100 million dollars for this,” you want to be ready. It’s even good to just think that your brand could be worth $100 million some day.

It’s another feather in your cap in terms of when you go talk to someone about buying it. It won’t just be, “Oh you’re buying my brand and goodwill.” It’ll be, “Oh you’re buying my 2,000 page website and my 50 ebooks that have generated over 10,000 emails.”

You’re putting numbers to an intangible, digital product– the brand. Ebooks overall help you build up the assets in your business.

If you want to compare, it’d be like a real estate portfolio where you show your properties, units, etc. In real estate, you’d be talking about the value of the business based on all of the assets.

This type of value is much better than just people knowing your brand name. Even if it’s followers. Followers can be bought, what can’t be bought are these ebooks which represent an individual brand and support the brand in all the other efforts that you make.

So there you have it, five reasons why you have ebooks online and why you should create one for your own business. It can be incredibly valuable to your brand in a bunch of different ways.

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